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Let’s Get Skin Deep is an inner beauty self care event series inviting women into a common space to discuss everything behind the concealer in a filter free environment along side Janae Raquel. This event is curated to support women in reaching their full potential starting with their inner beauty first.

The purpose of Let’s Get Skin Deep is for women to define and live in their truth of beauty, build a better body confidence,  heal, and enhance their emotional health.  

Outer beauty is an aesthetic, a norm, and an expectation. One conversation at a time, Janae Raquel plans to eliminate the competition between what you think is beauty, with what beauty really is. Ultimately, it’s skin deep. To obtain and maintain inner beauty needs to be our number one priority at all times. 

The mission is to empower, and support women while finding innovative ways to show the truth behind their fears so they can be held accountable for their actions. 


the verdict 


The Verdict is a fresh curated fluid conversational event surrounded by men and women who have decided to claim their power on a platform while encouraging others to take accountability for their own.

With a catalogue of purpose driven conversations, The Verdict places everyday topics such as relationships, careers, self love, and challenges at the finger tips of those who want to vow to live in their truth.

The Verdict was designed to empower a diverse community on both personal and professional levels one conversation at a time.