In the Bathroom Stall with L.: Pads Review


Some topics we whisper about, and some we just don't speak about at all. One of those topics which doesn't get as much burn on the turf online, on air, and or out in social settings; hell, even at the round table, is our period. Its left out, and more than likely left home. It's not a pretty pink tea party, and it's not everyones online aesthetic, but it's mine. With me, the curtains are OPEN, and I've invited you all into my space to share what goes down around my neck of the woods, and behind the lens.  Periods are ON BRAND for me, because they revolve around confidence. With confidence, comes comfort, and with comfort, comes control. When building your own type of beautiful, you need all of the above and then some. Online I want to not only share my experiences, but I want to fill that gap between the maybe's and the absolutely's for you to be comfortable engaging with me as well as others if you relate! As a woman, you never know who's in the same boat as you looking for a trip to shore because they've been drowning all their life. Let's pull one another out of the deep end, and make our rides a little smoother along our journeys of putting Aunt Flo in her place once and for all. 

I've shared my experiences and flow on my podcast   alongside my good friend Jamie (@ashleyofyork) and we've decided to try out several natural options and share our experiences with you. If you haven't heard the episode to it's entirety, I suggest you do so at your earliest convenience; it's Part 1 of many. I'll tell you the 'I'll walk you to the corner' version rather than the ‘loop around the park’ version (all the details are in the podcast), so you can have an idea on the what's and why's for my selection of feminine sanitary options.

The 411 on my menstrual cycle:

  • I cramp BAD. On a level of 1-10, I'm at a calm 13 on my first day.

  • My flow isn't so remarkable. I require super pads. *I tell that and then some on the podcast*

  • I have a full + faithful cycle, Aunt Flo likes to over stay her welcome. Every month, she show's up and shows OUT (as of lately, she's been arriving but on CP time aka LATE) To be continued with why.

  • I am emotionally + physically effected by my cycle.

So the first brand of sanitary pads I’ve decided to test drive for this month's menstrual cycle was L. During one of my weekly strolls in Target, the packaging caught my eye, so I took a step back and walked over to the aisle. I-ALWAYS-HAVE-TIME in Target. So there I was reading, texting, and snapping pictures of the gem I found which made the trip well worth it in my head. Unfortunately, frugal Sis over here realized she had some pads at home that she wasn't completely done with, in addition to wanting to do her research on L., so she held off.

After doing my homework, I learned a few things, because like everything else online, there are tons of mixed reviews, and the only way I knew I was going to be able to truly know what works for me is by trying them out for myself. He said, she said, doesn't keep the clock ticking around here. For all of you who follow me and voted via InstaStory for more natural menstrual tampons and pad options, and this one in particular, here's why I was excited to try these:

  1. They're made without pesticides, chlorine bleaching, or fragrances

  2. They're made with organic cotton

  3. They're made by a woman, for women. #GirlPower

  4. When you buy 1, you give 1 to another woman in need.

  5. It’s affordable AF with a price point of $6.99 for a total of 42 pads. Frugal Sis Approved!

Now, let's get to business. 

I am new in this natural feminine care area, and my plan is to be true to this once finding what works for me. Being that this is the first brand I chose to test drive, here’s what I’ve chosen to taken notes on as soon as I began leaking. 

In the bathroom stall today, I'll be discussing: 

Fit. Security. Sound. Sensitivity. 


Girl, as you can see, these pads are thin, and I too judged this book by it's cover, but I am going to tell you why we won't be doing that in this bathroom stall. To touch, these pads have a real deal Holyfield cotton vibe. Being both soft and comfortable, I noticed the difference between what I was wearing to what I chose to wear on these selected 7 days. Truth be told, I don't really care for an extra long pad, and I never really did either. 'I was introduced to real, and now I hate lames.' I've been wearing the pads that have us all thinking we're "secure" until we have an oops moment that we have to deal with. And just because the pad comes up and through your booty cheeks, doesn't mean "we're safe," there's more to this science. I know many of us like the extra security, but I am completely happy that these weren't full on diaper vibes. The length and width was just right. These pads don't extend too far beyond the inner lining of your undies where the seams meet. Wearing these pads almost felt like I was wearing nothing besides my typical undies. When applying it, I noticed that although it didn't have a velcro stick, it was secure. So if your underwear fit, they won't shift. Honestly, the first pad I wore had me mentally stressed. I was so used to feeling like I'm wearing a bullet proof vest, that I doubted L.'s greatness.



Let's get on to how deep security was. On day two, Aunt Flo had a trick for me. I wasn't in any pain, I actually forgot I had my cycle for a moment. EEK! So you know what that meant, I walked to the bathroom with my fingers crossed hoping there wasn't an oops moment that slipped out and through causing me to catch a L.  To my surprise the absorbency had my jaw wide open. I did exceed the actual shape a little, but the wings actually absorbed what would have been on my bikini line AND underwear hadn't they been made of cotton. I was impressed! No residue was on my skin, and off and into the trash it went. Lesson: keep a mental note on when you applied your pad, and check in. If you are reaching over into the wings, you jus need to change your pad a bit more frequent than the bullet proof fest you're used to wearing for an additional hour or so. Natural flips switches, but this one you've gotta monitor until you've fully signed an agreement on what your limit is. 


I've always wanted a silenced procedure when opening + re-applying my pad and sad to say, but these are not sound proof. Where I am confident discussing my cycle, I am not confident opening a new pad, applying, and walking out of the stall. I wish it had a seamless, opening rather than the typical diaper / plastic bag sound effect alerting all the ladies in the neighboring stalls that HEY I HAVE MY PERIOD! And this is the first and last thing that L. has in common with the competitors. If I could change anything, it would be THIS. 


It's no secret, I wear my bikini line out. I wear it proud, and I take damn good care of it. However, growing up always feeling like I needed wings to hold my pad in place, made me further realize that those wings were the reason for my inner thigh being a tad bit discolored, and we eventually parted ways. The plastic feeling and non absorbent wings would cause moisture, irritation, and discoloration over time, so trying these wings were a breeze. They are soft, smooth, and felt like tissue against my skin. I have no complaints in this department. They're thin, but do a job I didn't think they were capable of doing based on past experiences.

If you're wondering why I didn't include pain level and period legnth, it's because normally my cycle lasts a full 7 days, and with this being my first trial run, and my pain level isn't even on the scale, I wouldn't even hold them accountable for that. Over time, I will see what improves along with my diet and lifestyle habits, but I don't feel like those factor in at the current moment. 

Today, 7 days later, I decided to stash these rather than trash them (inserts an obnoxious applause).

I noticed that today, as excited as we aren't for our periods, we should be excited to transition to a more sustainable, natural, and healthier lifestyle. Take a trip to your local store, checkout their collection of pads + more online, and give them a test drive yourself.  Hopefully, if you go to the store, you're a bit more confident in trucking it down the feminine care aisle, not peeking from the stationary section waiting your turn, to snatch your product of choice, and running (like I used to)!

The point of me sharing this is to give you options. To allow you to build your own feminine recipe based on healthy, comfortable, and affordable levels. *I purposely didn’t grab the over nights because this review is for the day to day review* and overnights aren’t supposed to be worn all day. I went with super (because that’s my flow, they also have regular).

Choose your feminine care responsibly. 

So, let's Talk!

Are you using natural feminine care yet?

Have you ever tried L.? Pads or tampons?

What brands are you currently using?


Stay tuned for what I'll be trying next!

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As always, 

Be bare, be bold, and feel beautifull*

Janae Raquel