Blemish Control: 4 Step Spot Treatment Routine

Everyone wants their skin to be clean, clear, and under control right? Right. My goal is for make-up to be an option. And lately, it has been. I enjoy being bare, bold, and feeling beautiful. For the longest time, I didn't wear foundation, fill my brows, or even think twice about red lipstick, then things changed, and now we're here. Lately, I've gotten REALLY comfortable at my corporate job, AND too lazy to apply make up. During this the lazy lump of time, my skin has thanked me, and I've actually preferred a fresh face rather than a face I have to squeegee clean once I get home because, skincare routine, AND white sheets gang all day!

I've never really had breakouts where my skin looks like it needs to be delivered from evil, but when I do get a blemish its bloody murder. I'm sure you've been there before, opened the YouTube app, Pinterest, Google, and whomever you reach to and consider a higher power when you're full of pity; so-have-I. Typically when we get a blemish its right on time for a BIG day, date, photo shoot, weekend- the list goes on, and if you're anything like me, you want to kill this blemishes buzz before it get's cozy on your couch. It's like they decide to pencil themselves into our calendar's and report live, direct and front and center.

My blemishes are typically red/pink patches that itch on my high cheek area. However, this regimen has also been used on your classical pimple gone bad, that turned good. 

So after doing some deep sea diving on the internet searching for all the natural ways possible to get rid of a blemish, dark mark, and even naturally deflate a pimple, I couldn't be selfish and not share it with you. But I must warn you, keep your paws off. There's nothing like a blemish extending its stay because you want be touchy feely out of curiosity.

Drum roll....

  • witch hazel 
  • vitamin E oil
  • tea tree oil
  • Q-tip (easiest application) / cotton pad / ball
  • Water


Pick up your facial cleanser of your choice, I typically reach for my creamy cleanser because of my skin type (I'll tell you more about that in my next post). 


Next, you're going to take a cotton pad with witch hazel (do not dilute) and gently wipe around your entire face. Witch hazel benefits: cleanses, relieves the irritation / inflammation .

After we clear the canvas, dampen a different piece of cotton of your choice with water, add three drops of tea tree oil, and sweep this across your problem area. 

Tea tree oil benefits: it has anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties so it works as an acne treatment AND is preventative for future breakouts. So even if you aren't fighting a blemish, you can add this to your routine to avoid another episode before it shows up. 


If you easily scarred by blemishes, its probably because you touched, picked, and poked at it, OR you didn't clean it as soon as you got it. The Vitamin E oil will serve the purpose of minimize or fade any scarring, dark marks, or imperfections.  

It's best to do this before bed and leave it on until the morning. Rinse, apply moisturizer, and 24 hours later, repeat.

I received my best results doing this daily until my step cousins left town. 

Typical turn around time? 5 days of consistent treatment. 


Hope you enjoyed this post! Will you be trying this out? 

Be Bare Be Bold and Feel Beauti-full.