In The Bathroom Stall with The Honey Pot Co.

This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own experiences.

This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own experiences.

It happened on a Monday morning. I was deep in my slumber, and Aunt Flo decided to show up on time and back on her bullsh*t. An amazing start to a week right?! She’s the alarm clock that I can’t snooze, so I deal with her month after month. This month in particular, I gave her a run for her money, and I am pleased to tell you how, read on! Doing my Googles, I was able to compile a list of natural feminine sanitary options. And next up on my list, I had waiting for me in the stash was The Honey Pot Co. collection.

Why The Honey Pot Company? It’s black owned and a plant based brand founded by a woman, Bea Feliu-Espada. The HPC’s mission is to provide women with a healthy alternative to feminine care. The products are free of chemicals, parabens, carcinogens, and sulfates. AND, their washes are gynecologist approved, clinically tested and pH balanced.

The Honey Pot was born out of one woman's need to naturally heal herself. Beatrice became a woman on a mission, searching for natural remedies to help prevent these unruly infections. Rather than stay locked in a vicious cycle of taking antibiotics that would temporarily fight the infection only for it to reemerge later, Beatrice charged ahead and created The Honey Pot Feminine Wash - her very own natural treatment for UTI and healing aid. -TheHoneyPot.Co

Sounds like every woman’s dream.

I placed an order online for the full collection because, necessary much! In my cart I tossed the

  1. Normal Wash

  2. Normal Feminine Wipes

  3. Normal Liners

  4. Super Herbal Pads with Wings

The pads arrived separately which was after my cycle, causing me to give the wash a test drive for a full month. I decided to put the rest of the collection on pause until the following month so that I could collectively use the pads, wipes and liners exclusively for an efficient trial run.

In the bathroom stall today, I'll be discussing: 





First worry: Is it long enough?

The number one concern for me when sporting and reporting for duty on a pad, is the length. The drip needs to be secure. I mean I do have a collection of “period panties” but nobody has time to be fighting with a stain after a long day.


With the pads + liners being infused with essential oils (mint, lavender, rose, and aloe), upon application if my V could speak she’d say “whew chile” or “ahhhh.” This cooling effect felt AMAZING, and also seemed to turn down the volume on my cramps a bit. While I usually lay there cramped and curled up, I sat less bothered than usual, upright, legs crossed, with remote in hand to enjoy my day excited to use my wipes for whenever that moment came. I’m not the type of gal who wears a liner everyday, but these are approved for those of you who do.


Second worry: Does it shift?

I am pleased to announce that they do fit and they don’t shift! What fits for me may be too much for you, but let’s just say, they don’t fall short. 11’’ long, is PERFECT. Compared to L. I loved the additional inches. You never know where it will land, and it won’t be your lucky day if your pad is doing K-turns. When selecting the super pack, I was excited to see that they actually are long enough for my liking. Being that I didn’t have the same satisfaction with brands I’ve tried in the past, this was impressive. Thin as a mint, these pads really impressed me with the amount it absorbs.

L. on the left, Honey Pot Co. on the right. It may not be a perfect alignment, but Honey Pot is significantly longer than L.

L. on the left, Honey Pot Co. on the right. It may not be a perfect alignment, but Honey Pot is significantly longer than L.

Although L. appears to have a thicker edge / wing, Honey Pot too, ABSORBS. No slip ups, or drip outs because that extra length literally held me down.



Made with wings, it stayed in place, and didn’t cause irritation to my bikini line (causing dark marks), because y’all know I wear my bikini line with pride; we don’t need a wing to humble us.

SCENT! re: Wash + wipes

We’ve all been there. But today we won’t go there. So, let’s be clear, that it is VERY normal, yet very tricky to discuss vaginal pH imbalance. I can go on for days about how easy it is to throw this off, but instead I’ll just tell you, three pumps, two bottles, and few months later, this won’t disappoint. Not for a second am I saying use this to cure something you aren’t certain of, but what I will say is, I picked up the foam wash, read the instructions, and had to pick up my jaw from the shower floor. The only foam I've used and been a fan of is the foam I used for my fingerwaves, until now. I haven’t found a hand soap that I like that makes my hands feel clean that’s a foam, so I was a little curious to know how this would make my who-ha feel. But here we are with our second bottle, minding our business on a DAILY.

It specifically says to pump three times, and use your hand to apply— once done, and as time went on, I was pleased with my after cycle scent, and appalled with my everyday scent not being altered. I was a little sketchy because using something new down there can cause irritation, odor, or inflammation, and none of the above occurred. What I did notice was the scent of ACV (apple cider vinegar) which gave me the (DING!) light bulb alert to confirm we were in the right place at the right time; with both the wash and the wipes. To give you a better idea on how the wipes went, let’s just say, it’s an “on the go” version of the wash- it get’s the job done. Girl, the best part of this bundle is that you can use this daily. BOOM.

The point of me sharing this is to give you options. To allow you to build your own feminine recipe based on healthy, comfortable, and affordable levels. Create a more sustainable, natural, and healthier lifestyle. Take a trip to your local store, checkout their collection of pads + more online, and give them a test drive yourself. 


Are you using natural feminine care yet? If not, which would you try?

What’s in your cabinet?

If you’d like to shop / try The Honey Pot Co.,

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As always, 

Be bare, be bold, and feel beautifull*

Janae Raquel