Be Apart: Building A Tribe

Turning a new page, walking through a new door, and planting new seeds is what I am all for.  I've left the door open, and the seat beside me, for you. If you're here, you want to be apart of something. You want to be bigger, better, and if so, you're in the right place. So many people pride themselves on what they can do by themselves, and what they have done by themselves. I won't knock your hustle, I've done it too.  But, I've done it after being stood up, let down, and tossed up for who knows what or why. So it felt good to shine lights on what I succeeded in, to show that I did want assistance, I did want the help, but I did it- by myself. If you make those long stories short, and tell me how it felt, wouldn't you rather partner with someone who has the same intentions, who will treasure your talents rather than toss you to the side? Other times, you either missed out an opportunity our of fear, having too much pride, or just didn't have the resources to complete a project.  

Here I am standing on this new edge, and I have decided to take a leap.  I've had an idea more than once without being able to connect the dots- and me being who I am, I didn't want to give up or do said project(s) just to say I did it. What's missing? YOU. 

I have tons of things running through my mind.  I have all these ideas and not many people to share or pursue them with. So I shared a little something hoping that I would get a few responses and boy did I get more than I thought I would. 200+ comments later, here I am, waiting for you at the door!

Since rebranding, it's been a task find place to feel authentically accepted, and a community where others support you and want to work with you whole heartedly. 

I want to build a community, a tribe of people who engage, encourage, and elevate one another.

Let's build a tribe.

women + men; together.

I'm looking for people who have a passion for wellness (mental + physical) to work on collaborative projects. Events, classes / workshops, podcasts, videos, blog posts and more. The possibilities are endless so let's begin! 

Interested in working together? Got an idea? 

click here

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Looking forward to hearing from you!