Golden Milk: Natural Menstrual Relief

When dealing with any type of pain, many of us we want the quick and easy way out as soon as possible right? Right. I've been fighting Aunt Flow and all of her sisters she brings to town on monthly basis for years. They show up, and shred me to pieces. As I've gotten a little seasoned with age, things have also changed. In their suitcases, they bring emotions, extra weight, and a pocket full of z's. So it's safe to say, at 28, I am still not used to my period.

I'm pretty sure the amount of liquid gels I take between the first two days of my cycle isn't recommended, so I've been opting for more natural alternatives lately. Might I add, I am not the best pill taker either- so liquid diets do me justice.

Recently I tried this "Golden Milk" recipe and before I go any further, it tastes way better than it looks. After taking a sip, I realized it was sweet (from the milk) with a little kick of spice; cinnamon, I was sold. I drank the entire cup and lay comfy to let the magic happen.


Disclaimer: I have severe cramps so my experience will / can be different than yours.

 If you experience light / normal cramping, meaning you don't have to completely cancel your entire day, give this a try.

This recipe is vegan + gluten free + paleo

What you'll need:

  • almond milk
  • turmeric
  • ginger
  • cinnamon

Turmeric is the IT ingredient in this recipe which has received considerable amounts of attention  for its natural anti inflammatory abilities. It's also great for detoxing, gastrointestinal issues, and can treat depression.

My cramps did not completely disappear, but Aunt Flo's breaks were definitely pumped! I noticed the pain eased up a bit which proved this worked. For the average person this may be hitting the lottery, but for me, it was just a light drizzle for a short period of time before the storm picked back up.

One thing I have noticed since drinking this, is that I DO have a lighter flow, because I absolutely reached for those liquid gels and called it whatever today is. I am still on a hunt for the girls who have severe cramping and don't have time to cancel or put their day on hold for their Auntie who brings nothing but drama when she shows up.

If you have any tips, each one teach one below! Tell us what are some natural remedies you recommend or have tried. Also, please include your flow type, it matters a great deal.

Talk soon,



janae rogers