Minimalism : What, Why, Which


Minimalism is simplifying your life on your terms in as many departments as you choose. Whether it be in the aesthetic, consumption, ownership, environmental, or lifestyle department. To me, it’s about making room for more of what matters, and maximizing the worth of both intentional and purposeful items and relationships.

FICTION: It's about having less items, you own only 90 items total, you can't collect anything.

You collect funky frames like myself? DO IT.

You have a wall to wall bookshelf, DON'T YOU DARE TOSS THOSE!

Those things mean a good deal to you, so hold on to them.

FACT: Minimalism is a factor in overcoming fear and attachment to overwhelming people, places, and things that weigh you down mentally, physically, and emotionally. It can free you from all things you give way too much meaning with fulfillment in all other aspects of life you may lack in.


I wanted to give myself the gift of space.

Honestly, this started as a closet cleanse, and solidified with my beauty + hair stash.

Minimalism was something I decided to give a try after I noticed a repetition in my seasonal habits. Every so often, I go through the things I own, and donate them whether it be family, or into a box I place in a common public area. The end result is to always refine, because it recharges me. In addition to "letting go," I have become a person who is very straight forward, vocal, intentional, and in search of a better vibe non stop around the clock.

Why not stay charged up?

This time around, as I approach my next chapter in life, I decided to do what I usually do-- open up my both contacts, closet, and "cleansed." I blamed it on age, experience, and habit. However, this time, I applied this to my entire apartment-- which took a full week. It was well worth it.

Back story. So this can all make sense.

Whenever I am stressed, angry, upset, or overwhelmed, I clean. So there I was, waking up on the wrong side of the bed with so much weight on my shoulders that I began cleaning. On this particular day, I was D) --all of the above. On a day to day basis, I spot clean because honestly, when does my place have the chance to get dirty? I live alone, and spend a lot of time here. And with a mild case of OCD, you can literally eat off the floors here. It was a Monday, I was just looking for an outlet to plug into without calling having to pick up my phone and text/call my best friend and whine about x,y, and z.

I opened my closet and the box that lay there had reached its expiration date months ago, and seemed to have all my weight packed inside of it. The only thing I could do was dig through it and toss things up and out the front door. One thing lead to another, and half of my closet is empty like someone just moved out, my hair stash isn't quite stashing anything.


I knew this was the day, because I woke up, and  everything in site just made me feel weighed down, overwhelmed, and stuck. For days, I just couldn't get into the swing of things, and I couldn't quite put my finger on the issue until I started tossing.

I began to let go of things that were

    ◦    took up space / weren't being used

    ◦    duplicates

    ◦    had negative energy /emotion attached to them

I had no idea that clearing would fuel my creativity drive. Since they don't exist in my space anymore, I have no excuse to be less than. Time to make new meanings, to new things, that are weightless, and meaningful.

Clutter is not just physical stuff. It's old ideas, toxic relationships, and bad habits. 

"Clutter is anything that does not support your better self."

-Eleanor Brownn

It was very easy for me to roll out of bed, throw on my sweats, grab a bag, box, create a pile of things that no longer served me. I never was materialistic, and I never will be. My detachment level is a bit scary, yet healthy at the same time.

This became a game, and in the end I won.

Fortunately, there are no rules to this lifestyle-- therefore you create your own etiquette.


I am a lifestyle, aesthetic, and ownership minimalist.

My intent during this journey is to

    ◦    Spend on experiences, not things. (lifestyle)

    ◦    Reclaim my time + who I spend it with + what I spend it on (lifestyle)

    ◦    Be more simplified + organized to improve my creative + consistency levels. (ownership)

    ◦    Be intentional with relationships (established / blemished) and let that hurt go*. (lifestyle)

    ◦    Rebuild my wardrobe with less trendy and more timeless pieces

    ◦    Focus on quality not quantity. (ownership)

    ◦    Maintaining a simplified interior decor aesthetic. (aesthetic)

    ◦    Keep my space clear, cozy, warm  / cool and spacious based on location (bedroom vs. living room). (aesthetic / ownership)

I want things calmer, clearer, more simple, more intentional, and a reflection of  growth, happiness, and that are timeless.

Minimalism has made more space for focus, gratitude, and meaningful work.

Are you a minimalist? Considering it?


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