Beating The Lonely Blues

You may not want to admit it to the person who's asking, or to yourself even, but it's okay- I get lonely too. You're reading this, so let's handle it. Whether you're knee deep in this puddle, or swimming in it, I'm gonna toss you a get out of the blues free card for now until forever. We don't like repeats, so take notes, and let's get out of this funk once and for all. Being alone isn't quite so bad. Feeling lonely can drive you crazy for sure. Let's make sure that DOESN'T happen.

So- Why are you lonely?

Because you depended on the WRONG person?

Because you got attached to the WRONG person?

Feeling forgotten?

There are tons of ways to be alone without being lonely.

Many people like myself, like to fix things.  I don't enjoy paddling in my problems/sorrow for long, so I am always thinking of a masterplan. Believe it or not, the scenic route isn't even needed for this situation. Baby steps can get us back on track feeling better than ever.

Here's  a little something for the ones who enjoy being alone, but hate the "lonely feeling."



Venting is pretty much the best prescription I could write for you. What I do before I even vent, I tell her/him that I have x y and z to say, and even if you don't agree, I just need you to listen. They won't cut you off, they'll listen, and if they're of any good, they'll tell you whats best for you whether you wanna hear it or not. You've gotta face the facts some way / some day or another. This is the hard part. Let go.  You've got you, and your best friend- duh!


I usually create an entire spread when I'm stressed, sad, or lonely. Chopping veggies, reading recipes, and mixing up a new cocktail always entertains me. Dig into those recipes you've been saving, highlighting, and screenshotting, you deserve it. Bake a cake, meal prep, maybe even invite your bestf friend over / FaceTime her while venting. Let him/her be your plus one.



If she's unavailable, I know, you've cooked, and now you've gotta eat alone? There's a pro to that. You don't have to worry about anyone asking you to rewind, pause, or turn up the volume. You can literally, enjoy the show.


I just love the smell of Clorox Bleach + water combo and or Fabuloso.  That and a good 90's playlist on blast, will wash away all your sorrows. Cleaning really makes you feel like you're wiping your internal sadness and sins away LOL. Try it.


Take it where it goes, or toss it. Changing the floor plan in my apartment is something I do every couple of months to set new vibes, energy, and looks. It almost makes me feel like I moved. You should test it out.


Choose a new flower bouquet that you've been eyeing- something for the present season. Smell a few new ones, and fall in love. I've recently enjoyed building my own bouquets, peonies, and potted plants from my local stores. Bringing a new greenery into your space is a whole new vibe.

Name your plants. Talk to your plants. Your plants are Bae.


Shift your focus to staying in the lines, and not having to pee or scratch your head right after you've completed your top coat on your last nail. That's always a challenge for me. You never know when you'll have somewhere to go.

Naked nails are a BIG NO for me.


Working and then coming home to undress, redress, and make sure you don't look like you just got off the graveyard shift may be a task. But, you must make time to be social if you don't want to be lonely forever. Say yes, and actually go.

This used to be a problem for me.

When I was working full-time until 7pm, I found myself saying yes, and not going. I was too bummed to even socialize. The only date I had set was with my pillow by 10 pm.

Now, I pencil myself + ___ in AND set calendar dates, because now I GOT TIME.

And so should you.

Oh, and my nails are done! So that's one less thing I have to worry about after clocking out.

Take some time, try things out. These pick me ups should keep you from every sinking below knee level. Don't over think it, or apply too much pressure on yourself when you can take these small steps in the right direction. Shake the funk, make room for new seats at the table, and live a life with a pocket full of sunshine.

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