Create It, Control It Customizable Printable

I am all for productivity, and lately, I've been on my pen and paper steel-o.  The perfect highlighter + pen combo can really let a few words loose, get several tasks done, and allow for creative juices to flow. When I write things down, they have a way of getting completed, rather than when I've just typed them into my Notes in my iPhone using a fancy app with cool colors, sounds, and alerts. Paper to pen equals real life, real time, and to me, digitally you can just close an app, toss the phone in your bag, and act like you never made the list. 

I made these Create it, Control it printable sheets for those who want to create with a purpose, passion, and consistency. Some of us like weekly layouts, and some of us stay away from it because its a tall glass of anxiety. So, I included BOTH weekly + daily options for you to get the job done. 


Daily + Weekly + Notes Worksheets

Customize and create consistently


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