9 Things You Can Start Doing At The Beginning Of Any Month

I enjoy hitting the reset button. There's nothing better than a fresh start. Kick off day one (or in the working class' calendar, the first Sunday) of the month with a plan. Although some things may not go as planned all the time, it's still worth a try. These can be considered challenges or new beginnings, but they are collectively fresh starts. Giving yourself a chance at something more organized at a steady pace is what its all about. Anytime you are beginning a new month, new chapter, or challenge, it seems like the previous month flew by-- which is true. Because many of us either want to hold off, are afraid, haven't prepared, or simply haven't made the time. Make the time. Move things around. Use the word "no" when necessary. Get it done.

Here are some things I do when I hit my reset button:


    ◦    iPHONE PHOTOS



    ◦    BEAUTY PRODUCTS (they do expire)


    ◦    CLOSET /  TRUNK (all the things you've been tossing in there actually pile up)


You may think to yourself, I'm broke. What budget?

Simple. Open your calendar, and fill in ONLY FREE FUNCTIONS. Voila! No money required, no budget lost.

However, if this isn't your problem, you want to make sure you've paid all of your bills before you go penciling any road trips, buying concert tickets, and planning all those happy hours. Because, its always 5 o'clock somewhere.


Some months are popular than others, but nothing beats a text that is sent out at the beginning of the month rather than the weekend before, or the day before, or the day of. Nobody has time to feel like "your back up plan". Give people the time they deserve pencil you in like you're attempting to do them.

When it comes to family and friends, big or small groups, it takes time, energy, and effort to get everyone in the same room, dinner table, park, or any other establishment- mine included. So, the beginning of the month is the best time to get things in order.


    ◦    DR. + DENTIST

    ◦    HAIR

    ◦    FACIALS

    ◦    WAXING


These are the things that can NOT wait until the next month. Get it done!


Space is something everyone loves. Why not keep it cute, clean, and fresh. I enjoy a deep clean more than once a month, but its nothing like starting a month off with a nice refreshing atmosphere. It's like turning over a new leaf. Put on your gloves, buss the suds, scrub.


You may have missed some days over the past few weeks, I know, its human. But this time around, give yourself a little update. What I typically do is, instead of being so detailed, I list things with bullets, and then scribble maybe the reaction next to it. So I write what has happened, and how I felt about it as a point of self reflection.


Let's not get carried away with the 20 things I Want to Accomplish this month list. That's creating a recipe for failure before you even attempt to begin. Start with realistic goals. Write down a few things that are large tasks because they will be broken down into smaller projects. Look at the bigger picture, scribble it down, brainstorm, and tackle it.

Examples: Family reunion or pool party


Go through your storage and see what you're missing. There are always staples you need for everyday living. Now is the time to grab a pen and paper, and get these out of stock items listed. Check your pantry, fridge, bathroom, to avoid needing something and you have a "dime size left" of it. If its low, list it, grab it, and replace it.


    ◦    WORKOUT CHALLENGE (this you may want to do with someone else so that you don't slip into a tub of ice-cream during your work out hour) -- because : #Accountability 

    ◦    EATING CLEAN --you filthy animals

    ◦    TRY OUT A NEW LIFESTYLE-- who's currently inspiring you?

These are the 9 things I think will be a great way to kick off the beginning of the month. I feel like, the more we strategize, and set our mind to things, we can get anything done with confidence. Time may even go by a little slower.

What are some things you do at the start of a new month?