Top 5 Foundation Mistakes


Girls, please be seated.

I canNOT express the importance of foundation education. Many of us have been guilty of at least one, if not all of these mistakes. Sometimes, due to lack of education, but others because we're in a rush! Foundation is just ONE of many layers that we work with, and build on top of seamlessly. Take it from me, if you've ever been approached about your foundation application, you were probably offended or embarrassed. Trust, after today, it won't happen again.

If you're a little shaky in the F department, now's the time to freshen up, and level up! Let's see where the guilt lies.. Its ok, I'm here to help. We've all been there, and if you haven't let's make sure you never do.


It's important that we stay clear of any and everything that can get in our way of a smooth sailing make-up session. Unfortunately, we can't just jump into applying foundation- there's levels to this. Since you're in the hot seat, lets take a trip down the list of things we MUST do in order to maintain an A average in the F department.


Be sure to remove your make up from the night before- completely. Whether you reach for a wipe or your favorite cleanser, snatch some oil, because sadly, those may not be enough.

TIP: Anything waterproof requires oil for removal, don't even waste your wipes trying to get it out of every crevice.

To be sure you've removed every ounce of mascara or eyeliner off, because that's what usually sticks- add a few drops of your favorite oil to your palms, rub, and remove. Follow up with a cleanser to ensure the surface is clear to prepare for take off.


Exfoliating is key. You'd hate to put in all that work for a few flakes to ruin your masterpiece. Imagine applying your full face, and then you turn over your cheek and spot an inconvenient cluster of skin you forgot to take care of. Skipping this step will have your skin looking like you've tried to smooth vanilla, caramel, or chocolate icing over a sandy rode. Exfoliating your skin is something that should be in your weekly routine whether or not make up is included. Once you've exfoliated you're surface is safe.  Next up, quench your thirst!


After all of that cleaning and clearing, you're going to have to lock in that moisture before we seal the deal. No matter your skin type, moisturizing is a must. Priming is our last step before our big moment of truth. Before we reach for that foundation bottle, we must be sure that both our moisturizer + primer have settled into our skin to avoid streaky make up. Trust me, it WON'T BLEND! It's almost like mixing oil and water.


There's no reason why we're still walking around these streets impersonating Mrs. Potato Head. Matching our foundation to our skin is KEY.

TIP: Always match your foundation to your NECK, not the back of your hand. They are pretty much not related in this situation unfortunately.

TIP 2: Make sure you are switching and switching every season.

This was something I used to do and get all the way home, and have to go all the way back. It wasn't until I was educated by a pro who told me that I should either go get a Color IQ Test for everything under the sun skin related, or test it on my neck if I'm in a place that doesn't have that technology. Pretty much the best advice I could ever use- and here I am sharing it with you!

TIP: If you're dry, don't reach for a matte. If you're oily, don't reach for a dewy.

Oh and if you were wondering, yes, I do open the foundation in the drugstore. Who has the time to waste gas? #Sneaky

After you've found your match, you still have to

    ◦    apply in natural lighting, avoid yellow toned rooms

    ◦    blend like its nobody business with the proper tools

Applying your foundation in the wrong lighting can cause an overkill of everything- too much sauce. Its like applying everything twice or three times because you're not seeing it in the right filter. Natural lighting or white lighting is the best lighting.

TIP: Many rooms / bathrooms have a yellow tint whether it be the paint on the walls or the tint of the bulbs- so make sure it's an all white party before creating your masterpiece.


Here's where I need your undivided attention. Sit back down.

This part is where time is a major factor. We need at least 3 minutes of blending for a seamless chic look. I reach for either a beauty blender or a makeup brush that isn't going to eat my foundation before it makes it to my skin, apply, blend, and set.


We blend:

    ◦    our foundation (light circular motions) from our face to our neck

    ◦    our concealer, whether it's under our eyes,  brow bone, or on the surface

    ◦    our contour- harsh lines are not for chic chicks


We've all forgotten to do this I'm sure. I am guilty of it, you're friends are guilty of it- forgetting to set that concealer is easy. Here's why you see tiger stripes along the outside of your smile, and under your eyes. You have to seal the deal with a loose powder to fill in those creases your concealer may create throughout the day. Many of us bake, while some of us dip, dab, and sweep the dust away.


Let's be honest,

Which of these have you fallen victim to? 

Which of these have you seen? 

What could you improve?

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