Stop Comparing Yourself To Her.

One place you won't get for sure is FAR comparing yourself to HER.

Who is she? You know, the girl who's posts you scroll pass, roll your eyes at, but won't unfollow. She's the girl who has the job she loves, while you wish a snow storm would come any day. I'm sure you know her. She's the girl who you constantly compare yourself to.

She still has all of her followers after the IG raid, she has a man who she shares an Instagram account with- blah, she's picture perfect on just about every post, and on top of all of that, her skin is clear AND her hair grows fast. She appears to have it all, but sorry to break it to you, you'll never be her. Had you never saw her, where would you be? Exactly where you'll be after you read this post- maybe even further.

One thing us women have to understand is, life will go on with or without having it all. The day you mentally accepted she was who you wanted to be, you lost your soul. Wash your face, put on your Converse's, and lace them tight, because we have a journey ahead of us.  Our first misconception, is that time is in the way. The same time she has, you have. We come across minor things, giving them bigger titles than they deserve.

LIFE GOES ON, let's go

While you're sitting around keeping up with The Jones', you've lost focus on what's in front of you. Stay on track before you're 30 and have nothing. Yes, its possible. Let's get to the bottom of this-- grab a notebook, a sheet of paper won't suffice, and begin listing. Life is made of lists that we in most cases like Santa, must check twice. Shape the life you want to live, realizing what you have first.

Grab a pen and section a sheet with three columns titled:

  • Haves
  • Needs
  • Wants

In order to get where you want, you need to accept and embrace where you came from, where you are currently,  and then execute how you're going to get where you want to go. Set and track all your goals along your journey.

DO YOU, hold please!

We constantly feel the need to be there for everything and everyone with no time for us. "Yes," to this, "I'll be there," for that, and we short end ourselves at the end of most of our days.

Some things, you won't make.

Some days, you won't be free.

Put yourself first, and schedule days for you without rain checks.

During this time, you can improve your flaws, work on the future, and finally tell yourself YES.

...but of course after coffee.


On this self improving journey, there will be days you feel less motivated than others. I must say, when I dress to par, I act to par. Starting your day on the wrong side of the bed, can simply be changed the moment you walk into the bathroom. Wash your fears away with a refreshing soap. The peppermint Dr. Bronners soap really tweaks my day, wakes me up, and makes me want to back flip out of the shower into my #ootd (outfit of the day). When we show up looking like last week, we haven't shown up at all. Consider that a void we don't want to process. Do your hair, fix your face, grab your bag (not just your wallet), strut, and SHOW UP.

Show up ready, with purpose, on purpose.

CONQUER with confidence

Nothing worth having comes easy, and if it does, you slept through the magic trick where it was basically handed to you. The day you get hit with a ton of bricks, you want to be able to slap some coconut oil on your bumps and bruises, and live to tell that story when you've gotten your big break. After all, you did this all with confidence. Along your journey, you will be required to give your all.  That's not much to ask for right?  Some days will be harder than others, painful than others, and more stressful than others, but you will get there. Whether it takes weeks or months, you will get there through faith, trial, and error. This is what I call "conquering with confidence" if you don't give up.  You get to where you want to be by doing all it takes.  Get the job done with all efforts.

So when we stumble across those rocky roads, we can understand that we did what we could with confidence. It may take some time, but it will all be worth it.

Focusing on others, causes you to forget who you are, what blessings you have, how far you've come, and that you actually believe that everything that glitters is gold. I'm sure you've worn a ring from the gumball machine. What color did your finger turn? Exactly. Yet- it was pretty, it shined, and every little girl in line behind you wanted it. Stop sweating small things, and focus on the bigger picture.  Be you, whole heartedly, shamelessly. She started somewhere, and so will you.

Carry on.

Get far.

Be you. You're beauti-FULL.

I wrote this for all the girls who feel they need social and physical validation from society.

You don't.

All you need is you. First.

- Rocky

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