It's Okay To Say No.

It is A OK to say NO. No can mean so much. No can do so much- for you AND them. I haven't broken the internet yet, but one thing that recently broke the ice, was me losing my job. So now that I'm "free" all the time, people expect my answer to be "yes" to just about any text, call, invite, and favor- NO.

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I see where this can be confusing for those who aren't in my shoes. But lets think about it. IF you turned what many may consider an unfortunate situation, into the perfect opportunity to build, you'd be busy being busy too. No?

Step into my office, grab a cup of coffee, and cross your legs; guys, remove your hats. As of lately, "no" has been something I enjoy saying without fear, and so should you.


How many times have you thrown on a great outfit, canceled on A Different World re-runs, skipped wash day, and went out all for the outcome to be trash? I know many of use are at that age where what we see is what we want, but you don't have to be everywhere with everyone. You may be missing it, but you won't be missing out. Enjoy thatsubscription you pay for monthly who's password get changed when your friends get iffy. Next time. It will still be there, and so will they.


Trust me, say no, it's much easier. While you're saying yes to everything, you're making it harder on yourself. Having to be at more than one place on the same day is one thing I did a lot. That causes a conflict of interest on both parties because you have to leave one and go to the other. Of course whose ever you go to second is envious of the first because THAT much though it put into friendships. They are pretty much signed and sealed with pettiness, and delivered with a smile.

Saying no to one, may have made this situation much easier. You can show up, support, and socialize with out being timed to make just an appearance.


Saying no can be going with the flow of things. Being that friend who's always free, may mean that you're the "back up plan" and you may never realize it. "Let me call ____, I know she'll say yeah." Big difference in the back up plan and the ROD, ride or die, and let me explain. Take a trip over to their Snap Chat story. Who's there? Who's always out with them? And then they call you. Why? Their usual isn't free.

Don't be the yes friend. I say this because, you have set the bar for yourself. You've created a rep that when they call, you'll say yes. It becomes an expectation, which will lead to a let down. These no's you'll be using, should now have them rethinking it all. Therefore, the next time they call, they'll say "hey, are you free this weekend?" If you aren't up for it maybe they'll come surf Netflix, shoot hoops, or kick it on the stoopwith you.


No to jobs.

No to friends.

No to family.

If you say yest to everything, what does that make you?

Out of control.


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