Volume 02 : Reloaded

I am full. 

For so long I had been empty. Figuring things out took some time- and patience seemed to be a part time job I never show up for.  I was hard on myself for the lack of product I delivered, so I ejected the entire idea until my time came. When I unplugged, there was little inspiration, and everything seemed to be happening for everyone but me. On my side of town, the lights were out.  I was writing and erasing. Ripping and tossing, which all caused me to record. I was too lazy to sit, type, and think. What ever came to mind, what ever I felt, what ever I wanted, I expressed it- on air. 

Ultimately, my dream has always been to get paid to do what I do best, TALK. So I gave birth to Apartment10E. But, I've always gotten a rush from expression through such art of tapping keys. So I knew I had to pick up a new canvas, and butter it up.

I was once filled with distraction and so much noise.

I've made room for ME, for us, here.  I am full of love, light, and laughter. 

Along my journey, I have grown in many different directions- mentally and emotionally. Throughout, my roots have always remained in the creative space. Laces tied with chin high, I've decided to re-open the blueprint. I want to lay it flat even though there has been a few bumps and bruises in the road. Where and why I started still stands. And quite frankly, since I have so much to say, much more to share, and many people to assist along several journeys-- I'm here fully loaded and ready to make it happen. 

Whether it's a view behind the lens, a seat beside me at the table, pillow or pep talks,  janaeraquel.com has been re-created as an avenue to share inner beauty conversations, lifestyle tips and tricks for the everyday girl on a budget. 

Any requests? Leave me a comment below! 

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