Year End Reflections: Journal Prompt


I use to be the "don't be bringing up old sh*t" type of girl. That was during a chapter of my life where I hadn't taken responsibility for the things that I've done that were a burden to myself and others. The repetition of that guilt would resurface and light me up. Honestly, nobody likes to bring heat the function, we all just really want to chill. However, I've learned a handful of lessons since then, one being that it is ok to look back at the past, because it can help you learn ahead. Until you understand, accept, and release, you will not move forward. Time after time, you will be presented with the same task  until you learn the lesson. The "don't be bringing up old sh*t" mentality was simply me running away from the truth, and not being comfortable reflecting because I hadn't learned the lesson, and also because I saw nothing wrong with it. I looked at it as just another loss. Finally, I've stopped fumbling and grew into a woman who's able to pull cards and the "remember when" memories out of the stash to not only benefit myself but others.

Going into a new year, I recommend each and every one of you come to face what has held you back from the smallest to the largest things weighing on your back. Whether you're letting it go, letting it in, or meeting it half way, do something and find time for it. 

 In order to plan ahead for the new year, you must first reflect. There is no magic wand that is going to zap xyz out of your life once the ball drops. We are all so quick to scream new year, no ___. Whatever your blanks are, gather them up, and let's see what trash we can turn into treasures by reflecting over them in addition to our last 4 quarters of the year. Please be aware, things WILL carry over. The only thing I recommend you absolutely positively DON'T do is carry over is how you deal with things.

You can either list or elaborate on any of these as you choose (journal at your own risk).

A. 10 Highlights (accomplishments / best memories)
B. 10 Disappointments (failures / missed opportunities
C. 3 Game changers (unexpected events that shifted your priorities)
D. 3 Things you focused on (what you put most of your time into)
E. 3 Things you forgot (that you didn't get around to)

*feel free to include more on your list* 

BONUS: Reflection (how does this prepare you for the year to come?)

Question : What are you looking forward to next year?

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