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finally, you're here!

"I've made room for ME, for us, here."


what's the 411?

Cut and sewn in Newark, New Jersey, I have created a platform inviting you plus two, into a common space to sit at my table and discuss everything behind the concealer in a filter free environment.

Accidentally becoming known for one thing, natural hair, I've finally decided to share more substance in other lifestyle departments. By branching off into and onto other things, I will bring you along my journey of my many hobbies turned passions I've decided to pursue.  My goal is to share my story,  help women + men define, and live in their truth, heal, and enhance their mental health. Whether it's a view behind the lens, a seat beside me at the table, a pillow or a pep talk, has been created as an avenue to share real life, raw, inner beauty conversations, lifestyle tips and tricks for the everyday girl / guy on a budget. 

Reserve your seat!



rocky's roads are FULLY LOADED

here's where we are going together



Ladies, take a seat. A Vanity Affair is a place where us girls can discuss our love and lust for everything above and below the skin. Kitchen remedies, fresh off the shelf, local, high, low, or foreign- on this avenue we will share secrets, how to's, must haves, and more. My signature look and aesthetic is to never alter what my Momma made from scratch. So, I’m pleased to be seated with my chin high on the AVF Avenue. 



lifestyle : food, travel, diy

I'm all for adding a little spice to anything I lay my hands on. I'll be giving you the cheat codes to having Luxe for Less, pass you the wet wipes after us foodies Dig In, and take you with along my trips Out of the Office.


wellness : self care

Here is where I need you to fasten your seat belts. This journey ahead of us is to define and live in our truths of beauty, build a better body confidence,  heal, and enhance our lives on all levels. 


l i k e s & l o v e s

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who's invited? you plus two.


let's get busy!